Sorting through the February slump

When something is wrong, I start moving the furniture.

There’s something about a rearranged room. It’s like throwing open the curtains and letting in some sunlight. Only bigger. And more permanent.

This month, I did more than a little rearranging. I flipped our entire house. We spent a few days with an armchair in the kitchen. Everything came out of every closet. And then it all sat in piles on the floor until it found its way into a new closet.

February has been a sorting-through-the-mess kind of month.

If I can just find a spot, the right spot, for these outgrown baby clothes that are sitting in the hallway.

(If I can just choose a cause, the right cause, from the overwhelm of issues that are flooding my newsfeed.)

I mean, it has to be the right spot. I don’t want to have to move all these clothes again in a few months.

You know, I can probably just step over the pile of baby clothes every time I walk down the hallway. It’s no big deal.

The right spot will turn up eventually.

(You hear me?)

Ugh, February.

It’s the longest-shortest month of the year. And this one has been especially long. All of the things we were excited about when winter began – baking, board games, playing outside in the snow – are getting old. Now it’s just another batter-crusted mixing bowl, a playroom strewn with game pieces, and soggy pile of snowpants by the front door.

I feel like all I’m doing is cleaning up messes.

(But some of them are pretty cute messes.)

Still, I’m beginning to see the light. I did find a spot for those baby clothes. And I’m starting a regular volunteer position at the crisis nursery next week. And in the past few weeks, Gus started reading, writing, and doing math sums in his head. The boys have been playing together like the best friends they are. And the temps hit 60 degrees a few days in a row.

What else has helped us sort through the slump?

Reading Winnie-the-Pooh.

Playing in the mud. (The before-the-clean-up part.)

Listening to music.

And Girl Scout cookies. Always Girl Scout cookies.

How are you getting through the February slump?

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